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It must be written in APA style without grammar and spelling errors. You can find the APA citation samples and

It must be written in APA style, without grammar and spelling errors. You can find the APA citation samples and references in the teacher’s web site by clicking
Comps Guide
button. You are welcome to use the Microsoft Word APA style tool to insert APA style citations/References by clicking on References — Insert Citation — Add New Source, then fill out the APA form in Word according to the source provided.
Your writing must address the question to the point, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the question. The answer that roams away from the topic/question is not acceptable.
The paper needs to be four pages long for comps and six pages long for term paper, double space, in Times New Roman font type, and font size 12. You need to cite at least four academic publication reference citations.
The writer needs to be able to go into an in-depth understanding of the issues you are discussing, and describe knowledgeably, experientially, theoretically, scholastically, analytically and critically. The superficial or shallow answer is not appropriate. The answer with a bunch of facts that lacks theory-based critical analysis is not appropriate, either.
The writer needs to present evidence(s) to support his/her argument(s). It needs to develop logically, clearly and coherently with clarity.
It needs a starting (introductory) paragraph and an ending (conclusion) paragraph.
It needs correct in-text citation and at least four references at the end of the paper (The reference page does not count for the paper length).
The paper could get higher grade points that is written wisely, critically, reflectively, creatively and imaginatively. It should be related to the personal experiences or the current school practice in accordance with the academic knowledge and theories.

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