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Journal Critiques—Framing the Role of Leader: How Community College Presidents Construct Their Leadership

 Journal Critiques: Prepare a critical analysis of the research reports (article, see attached). Make sure that the article(s) are research reports not position papers (How to articles) or research reviews (overviews of research related to your topic). The article must contain subjects, procedures, and real data (numbers). You are looking for the strengths and weaknesses of the study questions raised for further study. A copy of the journal article must be attached to each critique. The critique is to address but not limited to the following: (1) Purpose of study (research questions; significance; etc.) (2) Subject/participants or Sample (recruitment; size; selection) (3) Methodology (qualitative or quantitative; instrument; method of collection and analysis of data) (4) Results (5) Strengths and Weaknesses of the study; Limitations (6) Your opinion *Please use the attached article as the only referenced citation*

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