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La Haine Movie (DJ SCENE )

The World is (Y)Ours: for this prompt, your final response paper will be based on a scene/sequence of your choosing, to be selected from any of the films we have screened this quarter. Pick your favorite, or pick the one you found most insufferable, but be sure to pick a scene that is dense enough to stand up to rigorous analysis (that is, make sure there are enough interesting things going on, both formally and diegetically). Your paper must do the following: CONTEXTUALIZE the scene (where does it occur in the film and why is it important?) Briefly DESCRIBE the scene (setting; what happens; who is present; who isn’t present–if that is relevant) ANALYZE the scene formally (discuss elements of mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, sound): this need not be an exhaustive laundry-list of formal elements; you do not need to deal with every single category of formal film grammar, but you should use your own best judgement as to how many formal elements you will need to analyze in order to segue into a meaningful interpretation (see step 4). If there is much to be said about 2 particular techniques, that might be sufficient. using your description and formal analyses, proceed to an INTERPRETATION of the scene: how do form and content work in synergy to create meaning? (Interpretation should be a significant portion of your response paper, perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 of the total length.)

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Assignment Outline