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Latin American Cinema

La Sirga, The Secret in Their Eyes, and The Milk of Sorrow formally and thematically address fraught sociopolitical formations in Latin America. Write an argumentative essay on one of these films, exploring relations between film style and sociopolitical concern. Your essay must fulfill the following requirements: • Develop a structured argument premised on formal analysis: o your essay must contain a clear thesis, underlined, o and focus on the primary source of your choosing (all films are available at the Media Lab MCM 206 or Kanopy for viewing). ♣ As part of your essay, you must engage in a close reading (i.e., film style, shot by shot) of at least one sequence of the film. • Point to larger social, political, or cultural Latin American contexts: o your essay must critically rely on and quote the secondary source Latin American Cinema (Paul A. Schroeder-Rodríguez, UC Press). • Your essay must critically analyze the chosen film and demonstrate an understanding of its relevance in the context of contemporary Latin American cinema.

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Assignment Outline