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 1. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) enacted Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability in 2009. Describe how this impacts innovation and quality in health care. Describe associated quality reporting requirements. 2. How does data governance and information governance differ? What are the components of an Information Governance program in health care? Is one component more important than another? Describe why or why not? 3. Describe why it is necessary to cultivate openness to change with a team and within an organization. Describe different types of change that may occur and be needed within and organization. Describe various strategies that can be used to overcome barriers to change and achieve desired outcomes. 4. Describe a significant change that you experienced at work and provide detail regarding if it was handled well and if the stated results were achieved. If not, what would you have done differently if you had been in charge of implementing the change? Describe the steps that you would include in your change management plan? Summarize the importance of outside agency measurement to effective health care delivery. 5. Describe two types of health care organizations and the key steps of health care organization assessments. Then compare different accreditation or CMS guidelines that are used to assess health care organizations. Include in which setting(s) the guidelines are applicable. 6. Summarize the importance of outside agency measurement to effective health care delivery. Provide two-three examples of other data that may be assessed in a health care organization and describe the importance of measuring and assessing each

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