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Legal and ethical question essay (current Australian media.).

The essay should demonstrate engagement with the unit content, the set readings and texts, as well as show evidence of wider scholarly research. Essays must follow proper scholarly formatting and referencing in order to avoid penalties. See the University Guide for students for further detail on academic referencing. This course is ostensibly based on Australian debates and references/examples should be made to current Australian media. Laws, codes, regulations and guidelines should be primarily Australian. Of course, what has happened in other jurisdictions (cases, legislation, reform recommendations), may also be important as a comparison. A good example will illuminate the concerns and provide depth. Serial examples should not be used to replace a coherent argument. Recent media examples (published after 1 January 2019) should be used in a way that substantially enhances & illustrates your argument. All references, material and examples must be originally in English. All references using actual quotes, paraphrase, or specific arguments, should employ page numbers.

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Assignment Outline