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Letter to Legislator

 Review several formats for writing letters for legislators. CASE STUDY: For the purpose of this case study assume that you are a nurse leader in a rural community. Recruiting physicians is problematic. Mid-level care providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants have been a great help to your organization across the continuum of care. The focus of this case study is prescriptive authority. Assume that APRNs must establish a collaborative relationship with a delegating physician in order to prescribe medications. Further, assume additional restrictions are placed on controlled substances. As a nurse leader, you firmly believe that APRNs should be free from complicated and unnecessary oversight. Assignment: 1. Review the sample letters to elected officials below. 2. Choose a format that appeals to you. Be sure to personalize to your state legislator. Limit to one page. 3. Present this case to your legislator. Specifically address evidence about patient outcomes, access to health care and costs. Limit to one page. NOTE: Typically letters would be in support of a specific bill with a recommendation on how to vote (i.e. Please support HB 1111 or Please support SB 1111). In this case, the recommendation would be to sponsor a bill supporting full practice authority.

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