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Magic Crystal Shoppe Business Proposal

Topic Magic Crystal Shoppe Business Proposal 

A creatively weird idea I had where if the pseudoscience of crystals having magical abilities was real, and treated similarly to drug rings except that selling and buying colorful shiny rocks is 100% legal. And this is just for an economics class project. Think of this similarly to the “Despicable Me” universe. Creativity is key here, and I put some ideas in the attached document. It is not required to use the ideas, but it’s there just in case. For this project, I need a two-page sales pitch convincing an investor to give funds to the company (“The Crystal Collection”), alongside a very detailed cost breakdown of how much money is needed and how it will be spent. These page requirements are flexible, as the sales pitch just has to be greater than 300 words. Instructions from the teacher: “Location, location, location. This is the most important. You must select a location that will benefit your business. Make sure that you select a place that makes sense. You want it to be convenient for customers and away from competitors. If it is near competitors, your business must offer something that places you ahead of them. Keep these in mind as well: Inventory Overhead Staffing Describe the space and how it will be used. Discuss why an investor should feel confident lending you the money necessary to start this business.”

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