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  Write an essay of up to 2500 words (excluding reference list) responding to one of the following questions: A) For the past decade many industry commentators have been predicting the immanent end of advertising as we know it. Explain their reasons for holding this view and critically evaluate the case for and against. Be careful to pick apart the conceptual issues- the argument turns on what is meant, by advertising. B) In your opinion, are the uses of symbolism and intertextuality in advertising increasing in prevalence or becoming less noticeable in the digitised advertising landscape? Use examples to illustrate your points and draw on relevant literary theories to develop your conceptual points. C) Advertising is not just one thing, and it cannot be understood as if it works in only one way. Critically evaluate a selection of different advertising appeals and explain their likely role in advertising strategy. Use case examples to illustrate your points. D) How is the social role of advertising evolving under media convergence? By social role we refer to the role of advertising in framing and cue-ing behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that may or may not be socially damaging and are distinct from the advertising’s ostensibly commercial purpose. Pay attention to the role of social media in advertising and evaluate the continuing relevance of older scholarship on advertising and society e.g. various works by Belk and Pollay (e.g. ) E) Advertising evaluation has always been a highly contested and controversial area, since advertising cannot be said to ‘work’ in just one way, if it works at all. Can social media metrics be a solution to the confusion? Bear in mind that whilst social media platforms such as Facebook, for example, are driving growth in global ad spend because of their popularity with advertisers, there is also a good deal of cynicism about the effectiveness of such advertising. Consider all sides of the arguments. Requirements: Style: The chosen title should be placed in full at the top of the submitted work. The essay must be typed double-spaced in 12 point font, it must be carefully copy edited for grammar and spelling, it must be clearly written and logically reasoned, and it must use Harvard citation style to refer to scholarly works. In addition to the citations in the body of the essay there should be a list of references at the end (again, in Harvard style). Essays should also use visual examples (e.g. screen shots of video or social media ads, stills of print ads or photos of outdoor ads etc) that are integrated into the text. Structure: Each essay should open by discussing any key issues, contradictions or assumptions arising from the question, and by explaining what particular angle of approach it will take to address the question. The main body should engage carefully and explicitly with the points raised in the question, illuminating the various lines of discussion with case examples (visual and/or described) and through judicious reference to scholarly works (cited Harvard style). The essay may develop one line of discussion in depth or develop several, but all should be clearly engaged with the question that was asked. The essay should end with a brief concluding paragraph, summarising the foregoing question and key points arising from the discussion. Essays may use sub-headings if you wish.

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