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 Managing in the Global Environment

 For this Case Study you are required to: Find a recent print media article (within the last 5 years) about an organisation that has been reported for unethical business practice/s. You are required to attach the media article to your case study (its better to be from The Sydney morning herald.) Discuss the ethical responsibilities of the organisation doing business in that country and/or industry. To discuss adequately you are required to include what their responsibilities are and why you believe they are responsible Use the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact as a framework to analyse the case. Identify which UN Global Compact Principle/s this case breaches. If you have identified more than one Principle chose only one to discuss how this organisation has breached the Principle Apply business ethics and corporate social responsible theory from your textbook, lecture material and Vuws learning materials from this unit to analyse this case Provide two recommendations to such an organisation to enable them to increase their globally responsive business practice/s in the future

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Assignment Outline