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Marketing Strategy of a Sporting Footwear(Any Brand, like Li Ning, Nike, Reebok,etc)

Identify an organisation (producer and/or brand owner), that is involved in the marketing of sporting footwear e.g. Reebok, Nike etc and prepare an individual report of marketing strategy. There are two parts of the essay. The first part is an evaluation of the current marketing strategy and position in the market, demonstrate the brands effectiveness by providing an evaluation of their current market performance. This should include relevant market performance data to underpin your evaluation, for example market growth, sales trends, profitability etc. Then provide a critical evaluation of the brand’s competitive edge (USP) with comparison to the main competitor brands in the marketplace. The second part is the introduction of a new product to the range .Outline the features / benefits of the new product.Identify target segment/s.Set clear marketing objectives to launch a new product with the aim of increasing brand awareness, market share, sales and/or profitability. Recommendations – with application to the marketing mix, recommend a relevant marketing strategy to addressing the marketing objectives. Please see the attached document in detail.

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Assignment Outline