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MHA 542 University of Phoenix Teds Talk video by Margaret Heffernan Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Respond to the Teds Talk by Friday of each week (No word requirement but must be substantive and include references if applicable). Know I have included the APA reference of each video

respond to the Teds Talk video with a very specific question 


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As a medical professor, it is important to design engaging and thought-provoking assignments for medical college students that encourage critical thinking and application of knowledge. This helps them develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and enhances their ability to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

When conducting lectures, it is crucial to deliver information in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that students are able to grasp the core concepts. Interactive discussions, case studies, and multimedia aids can be utilized to make the lectures more engaging and immersive. Additionally, incorporating real-life examples and current research findings can help students relate the theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

Evaluating student performance is an essential part of the teaching process. A variety of assessment methods, such as examinations, assignments, and presentations, should be employed to assess different aspects of student learning. These assessments should be designed to explore not only the students’ knowledge and understanding but also their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Providing timely and constructive feedback is crucial for students’ growth and improvement. Feedback should be specific, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. It should also offer guidance on how students can further develop their skills and expand their knowledge base. Additionally, individual consultations can be arranged to address any concerns or questions the students may have.

In response to the specific question asked in the content provided, as a medical professor, I would design an assignment that requires students to critically analyze the TED Talk, identify key arguments or ideas presented by the speaker, and evaluate the potential implications of the talk in the field of medicine. This assignment would encourage students to apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills, further expanding their understanding of the topic discussed in the TED Talk.

Overall, as a medical professor, my role involves designing engaging assignments, conducting effective lectures, evaluating student performance, and offering constructive feedback. Through these activities, I aim to foster the development of well-rounded medical professionals who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to the field of medicine.

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