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mobile payment change cruise passenger paying behavior.

The working proposition for this Literature Review part is: 1: Cruise passenger use mobile phones to search for information on destination? 2: Cruise Passengers are able/willing to transaction on mobile phone? 3: The cruise industry is aware of 1 and 2, and has plans in place? 4: The Destinations are aware of 1 and 2, and have plans in place? The structure is: 1: Historical review of cruise line industry’s business model (around 1500words) 2: Review on destination marketing & cruise destination marketing (world and New zealand) & cross culture tourism (eg: Chinese people (Asian) travelling to western country) (around 2500 words) 3: Review on the development of mobile payment/e-payment (around 1500words) 4: Story for the cruise industry, cruise destination marketing & mobile payment/e-payment (3500words) the information can be from website / news / journals etc… 

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Assignment Outline