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Module 1 Discussion: Introduction to Database Let’s use this space


Module 1 Discussion: Introduction to Database

Let’s use this space to share and collaborate. As you start this module and go through the assignments, visit this area and address all or any of the questions listed below (make sure to post a minimum of three messages with the first one):

  • What concept did you find most challenging?
  • What course-related issues did you face and how did you resolve them?
  • What questions do you have on any of the tasks designed for this module?
  • What resources, within or outside the course shell, did you find most helpful? Share them in your posting.
  • What tips do you have to share with your classmates to help them complete the week’s assignments?
  • Evaluate your classmates’ tips. Do you agree with any of the suggested approaches to solving the assignment challenges?  Explain why.

Tie your input to one or more of the MLO’s designed for this module.  They are listed below for easy reference:

  • MLO #1: Explain basic database concepts and terminology
  • MLO #2: Identify MS Access main interface
  • MLO #3: Create a new database by defining tables and entering record
  • MLO #4: Create and navigate a simple query, form and report
  • MLO #5: Learn the guidelines for designing databases and setting field properties
  • MLO #6: Define and modify table structure
  • MLO #7: Study one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships
  • MLO #8: Learn about the primary, candidate, alternate, composite, and foreign keys
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Assignment Outline