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Module 3 – CaseGLOBAL PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT/REWARDSAssignment OverviewSignature Assignment: Critical Thinking, Emphasized levelIn this

Module 3 – Case


Assignment Overview

Signature Assignment: Critical Thinking, Emphasized level

In this assignment, your critical-thinking skills will be assessed. The critical-thinking
rubric will be useful for this purpose. In HRM401, they were assessed at the
“introduced” level. In this course, HRM402, critical-thinking skills will be assessed at
the “reinforced” level. Finally, in HRM403, your critical-thinking skills will be assessed
at the “emphasized” level. The grading rubric for critical thinking at the
undergraduate level has been developed to measure student success in meeting the
HRM403 Case 3 expectations. Rubrics for the other two courses are included in their
respective assignments.

Please view and read the following required materials:

Fee, A., & Michailova, S. (2019, September 2). How host organizations prepare for
and learn from expatriate assignments. Thunderbird, 62(4), 329-342.
Available in the Trident Online University.

Please note that the following link will open in a new window and may require
activation of a LinkedIn account on the first attempt. Trident students may use their
student email address to access this free subscription to LinkedIn Learning as a part
of this course.

The Expat Survival Guide – LinkedIn Learning

Kerr, W. R. (2019). Chapter 1. Talent on the move (pp. 17-34; and Chapter 7. The
new HR challenges (pp. 116-132). In The gift of global talent: how migration shapes
business, economy & society. Stanford Business Books. Available in the Trident
Online Library EBSCO eBook Collection.

Case Assignment

To complete this assignment, you will first need to view the Gregg Learning (2020)
video, read Chapter 1 of the Kerr (2019) textbook, and read the Fee and Michailova
(2019) article about how organizations prepare for expats to return home.

Next, find one additional reference found in the Trident Online Library related to the
topic of international work assignment, repatriation, or resolving employee issues


5/30/24, 5:01 PM Case – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


with expats. Select an article that is about the experience of an actual employer,
such as Hurco, IBM, Ford, or other MNC (multinational company).

You are now ready to respond to the following:

Summarize the key points identified by the author(s) of each of the required readings
and the new article you bring to your list of references. Keep in mind the following
questions as you prepare your submission:

1. What is the main theme of each reference?

2. What authority does the author use to present the information?

3. What surprised you in the material?

4. What is missing from the article that you feel should be a component of it?

Provide an introduction and a conclusion within your paper. Also cite sources and
include a References page that includes at least one high-quality reference found in
the Trident Online Library in addition to at least two of the three required readings for
this assignment. Select “peer-reviewed” as a filter for results as well as a 3-year date
range to obtain the most recent published articles.

Submit your visual to the assignment dropbox as part of your 4- to 5-page paper (not
counting the cover and References pages) on or before the module due date. Note
that an assignment that calls for a paper of 4-5 pages means your submission
should not be less than 4 full pages.

Citation and reference style instructions are available at The Purdue Owl.
See the Trident guide to APA
Style, 7th edition.

Do not copy the references from the course. Instead, look up how to format them in
the guidelines provided by your professor.

You will find the following useful as you critique sources:

Herring, J. E. (2011). Chapter 3: Evaluating websites, Figure 3.1, p. 38. In Improving
students’ web use and information literacy: a guide for teachers and teacher
librarians. Facet Publishing. Available in the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook

Lack, C. W., & Rousseau, J. (2016). Chapter 4: What is critical thinking? In Critical
thinking, science, and pseudoscience: Why we can’t trust our brains. Springer
Publishing Company. Available in the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook

Assignment Expectations

5/30/24, 5:01 PM Case – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


Privacy Policy | Contact

Your paper will be evaluated using the criteria as stated in the Case rubric. The
following is a review of the rubric criteria:

Assignment-Driven: Does the paper fully address all aspects of the assignment? Is
the assignment addressed accurately and precisely using sound logic? Does the
paper meet minimum length requirements?

Critical Thinking: Does the paper demonstrate high-level analysis, in which
information derived from multiple sources, expert opinions, and assumptions has
been critically evaluated and synthesized in the formulation of a logical set of
conclusions? Does the paper address the topic with sufficient depth of discussion
and analysis?

Business Writing: Is the essay logical, well organized, and well written? Are the
grammar, spelling, and vocabulary appropriate for graduate-level work? Are section
headings included? Are paraphrasing and synthesis of concepts the primary means
of responding, or is justification/support instead conveyed through excessive use of
direct quotations?

Effective Use of Information: Does the submission demonstrate that the student
has read, understood, and can apply the background materials for the module? If
required, has the student demonstrated effective research, as evidenced by
student’s use of relevant and quality sources? Do additional sources used provide
strong support for conclusions drawn, and do they help in shaping the overall paper?

Citing Sources: Does the student demonstrate understanding of APA Style of
referencing by inclusion of proper citations (for paraphrased text and direct
quotations) as appropriate? Have all sources (e.g., references used from the
Background page, the assignment readings, and outside research) been included,
and are these properly cited? Have all sources cited in the paper been included on
the References page?

Timeliness: Has the assignment been submitted to TLC (Trident’s learning
management system) on or before the module’s due date?

5/30/24, 5:01 PM Case – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


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