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Movements that changed Europe

Movements that changed Europe

Write a short paper (1100-1300 words, approx. 3-4 pages, double spaced) with a thesis statement and argument in response to prompt listed below. Due September 29, 11:59 pm via Canvas. This paper, like all of the remaining papers, requires that you interpret primary source evidence in historical context, drawing from the assigned course readings. All of your papers must: closely analyze and describe primary sources using specifics and details use scholarly secondary source texts for evidence about the historical context select evidence to prove a thesis draw conclusions beyond those that are immediately obvious from the evidence write a paper that has a clear thesis, evidence organized into logical paragraphs, and a conclusion use correctly formatted footnote citations Prompt: Europe slowly climbed out of Feudalism over time, and to varying degrees in different nations. We have studied, three major revolutions thus far. One in religion, one in commerce, and one in politics. Which of these three momentous occasions in history was most important in the development of Modern Europe? Which of these revolutions had the least influence in the development in Europe? Did any of these revolutions depend on another? Which two are the most interrelated? Primary sources: [available at the links] Luther, Martin. 95 Theses Project Wittenberg Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences

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