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Mr. Harry Roost is a 78-year old male being discharge


Mr. Harry Roost is a 78-year old male being discharge after a fracture of his right tibia and fibula. He has a long leg cast that he will need to wear for the next 8 weeks. The nurses have observed him using a hanger to scratch the skin under the cast. The nurses have reminded him each time that he is not to put anything down his cast. He also sits on the side of the bed for long periods with his leg in a dependent position. He also gets up to go to the bathroom without calling for help. The staff have observed him hopping to the bathroom without using his crutches. 

Develop a care map for Mr. Roost using the template directly after these instructions. Include information important for his discharge home. For this assignment, include the following: assessment and data collection (including disease process, common labwork/diagnostics, subjective, objective, and health history data), three NANDA-I approved nursing diagnosis, one SMART goal for each nursing diagnosis, and two nursing interventions with rationale for each SMART goal for a client with a musculoskeletal disorder.

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