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MRU Financial Technology Project Proposal Nursing Assignment Help

General information

Identify a Technology Project pertinent to their practice environment.

This project as a whole Part I and II , must include:

Executive Summary; Description of Project;

Rationale Topic chosen;

Research-supported by evidenced based recent literature; 

Project Clinical Goals & Objectives;

Market/Financial Project Analysis;

Plan for Evaluation;

Plan for Alternative Assumptions & Strategies.

Include how this project is applicable to the present Healthcare system in terms of the issues of healthcare access, quality & cost. Include 2 MSN Essentials.

The whole project: Minimum 10 pages, double spaced,

 Maximum 15 pages, double spaced, APA format.

Part 2:

Financial Proposal analysis (4 points)

Alternative plan of actions (4 points)

Proposed project plan to include: (8 points)

o Project activities

o Timeline

o Budget

o Evaluation Plan

  • Executive Summary at end of project (4 points)

Expert Solution Preview

The Technology Project assigned to medical college students focuses on developing a comprehensive plan for a healthcare-related project. This project requires students to create an Executive Summary, describe the project’s rationale and objectives, conduct research supported by recent evidence-based literature, analyze the market and financial aspects, and develop evaluation and alternative assumption strategies. Additionally, students should demonstrate the project’s relevance to the current healthcare system, addressing healthcare access, quality, and cost.

The Technology Project assigned to medical college students is an opportunity for them to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world healthcare scenario. By developing a comprehensive plan, students can showcase their ability to analyze, strategize, and propose solutions that align with the present healthcare system’s challenges. This project not only tests their understanding of healthcare concepts but also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Through extensive research and evaluation, students gain valuable insights into healthcare project management and execution, ensuring they are well-prepared for future healthcare leadership roles.

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