Need 5 pages APA format 6 edition turnitin no similarity. Using company ZARA. Identify a new CSR and

Need 5 pages APA format 6 edition, turnitin, no similarity.
Using company
ZARA. Identify a new CSR and discuss the following:
Clearly identify and define the new CSR initiative
Assess the sustainability of the initiative.
What are the immediate actions required to implement the initiative?
What are the barriers to implementation? What actions would you recommend to overcome the barriers to implement the CSR initiative?
You must reference: at least four outside sources and your textbook. Document your citations throughout the text of your 5 – 7 page paper; APA is the accepted format for all Westcliff University classes.
Your papers must include an introduction and a clear thesis, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Top papers demonstrate a solid understanding of the material AND critical thinking.
8 References.
Note: As a minimum, the textbook and EIGHT (8) peer-reviewed sources shall be used and referenced.

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