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Need 9 page paper did. will give the topic and need it to follow this outline. The subject will be

Need 9 page paper did. will give the topic and need it to follow this outline. The subject will be
Disinformation, Misinformation, and Fake News broadly defined.

The lens of your paper needs to focus on disinformation, misinformation, and/or fake news across countries and/or cultures. Do no centralize only on the United States. Does that make sense?
Discuss how you view or define international communication
Explain how your topic relates to the topic of international communication
Make a clear statement of goals (This paper will explore “X” topic)
Literature Review:
Read primary and secondary literature on both international communication broadly defined and your topic in general.
Provide sources to support the idea that your topic is of relevance and interest to international communication.
Your Topic:
Explore your topic using public and reliable sources.
This should constitute the bulk of your paper.
In this section I want you to provide YOUR personal thoughts on the topic. This means I don’t want to see a single citation.
Tell me why you were interested in this topic
Tell me why you think it is important to international communication
How do you think your topic impacts international communication
Will it change as we move forward into the future, is it likely to stay the same? Etc.
Every paper needs a nice little bow on top to wrap things up and close out the paper. Your conclusion should be a brief recap of what you’ve done and talked about in your paper.
Specifics about the paper include:
12pt, Times New Roman font
Double spaced
A minimum of 10 citations (primary & secondary sources)

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