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Network-1 Data mining-2 Project Management:- 2 Advance DataBase – 1Loooking for new hires.Cyber- No


Data mining-2

Project Management:- 2

Advance DataBase – 1

Loooking for new hires.


No dis


In the high availability disaster recovery, explain in your own words the differences between the cold site, worm site, and hot site. Please reply to 2 of your classmates.

Data mining

In this course, we delve into the realm of data visualization with Tableau. As the subject matter expert (SME), your task is to either advocate for Tableau or propose an alternative solution. Please substantiate your choice and rationale, whether in favor of Tableau or presenting an alternative. (LO6) 


No dis

Project Management

After completing this week’s reading assignments answer the following question in 250 or more words. After you have completed your post, in 100 words or more, reply to 2 of your classmates.

1. How do you ensure the information needs of stakeholders are being met?

2. What are the procedures for quality assurance and control?

Advance database

What is the difference between primary and secondary storage? Discuss the mechanism used to read data from or write data to the disk. What is the difference between static and dynamic files? A minimum of 1 outside reference is required, along with APA formatting. (LO1) (LO3). 

You need three posts for the week:

1. A 100-200 words initial post by Wednesday.

2. Two 50-100 words reply to 2 of your classmates

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