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Neuron Morphology

Description -Document of professors instructions are posted. The theme to look into is drug addiction and so the chosen regions, examine is the Ventral tegmental area (VTA) and Nucelus accumbens. -Picture of microscopic view of these regions were taken in class using nissl stain and should be shown in results section describing the cells differences and similarities in morphology (ex: more/less dense, more cells, etc.,) – pictures are posted -4 peer reviewed articles I found are posted as pdf, other 3 link is copied & pasted below: 1);2-1?casa_token=P6jZex3dV24AAAAA:y0qUb2BpaiTV7DRGgIgYe0a1Nc5rALOeokTy8QPVcdDvcFMk0UU-Gf8HTaWBhQrRXrFVDwm7xgdGsfw 2) 3) – if you feel there are other peer-reviewed articles that are better to use you may go ahead and do so -These papers describe these neurons in drug addiction but remember to stay on topic which is simply the morphology of these neuron regions.

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Assignment Outline