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Now you are reading Randi Borums article Radicalization into Violent Extremism I: A Review of Social Science Theories. This assignment

Now you are reading Randi Borum’s article “Radicalization into Violent Extremism I: A Review of Social Science Theories.” This assignment will require you to address the following questions:
What is radicalization?
How does today’s radicalization connect with terrorism?
Briefly explain the three theories examined in the article.
Explain what are the best ways to address the radicalization process.
Do not just explain these four issues separately, rather make a comprehensive paper incorporating answers and discussions of the above-mentioned questions and topics. You are writing a short paper covering all the issues mentioned above in two questions and two statements. You can create four sub-headings/titles covering the materials listed above. A paper might have an introduction and a conclusion. Be creative in creating sub-headings.
Length minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 4 pages.
Font= 12

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