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NURS 420 MDC Week 6 Nurse Practice Act and Rules and Regulations Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

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Review your state’s Nurse Practice Act and rules and regulations. As a coworker, what are you required to do if you believe a nurse has a problem with chemical dependency? As the nurse manager, what are your obligations? Please cite the Nurse Practice Act.

State: Florida

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In the state of Florida, the Nurse Practice Act governs the practice of nursing and provides guidelines and regulations that all nurses must adhere to. It is important for healthcare professionals to be knowledgeable about their obligations when it comes to addressing and managing issues related to chemical dependency among their co-workers. This includes understanding the responsibilities of both co-workers and nurse managers in such situations.

As a coworker, if you believe a nurse has a problem with chemical dependency, you are required to take appropriate action in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act. According to Section 464.018(1)(cc) of the Florida Nurse Practice Act, it is mandatory for any healthcare professional to report any suspected impairment due to chemical dependency of a licensee (nurse) to the Florida Department of Health.

To fulfill your obligations as a co-worker, you should gather as much evidence as possible to support your suspicion and then report it to the Florida Department of Health, either by phone or in writing. It is important to maintain confidentiality during this process. The Florida Nurse Practice Act protects individuals who report in good faith from any liability or retaliation.

As the nurse manager, you have additional responsibilities outlined in the Nurse Practice Act. According to Section 464.018(1)(cc) of the Florida Nurse Practice Act, nurse managers are required to provide evidence-based interventions, resources, and support to assist impaired nurses in recovery.

In addition to reporting the suspected impairment to the Florida Department of Health, nurse managers should:

1. Seek consultation from healthcare professionals experienced in dealing with chemical dependency issues.
2. Assess the extent and impact of the impairment on patient care and staff safety.
3. Develop a comprehensive plan with appropriate interventions, such as referral to an Employee Assistance Program or a specialized treatment facility.
4. Ensure that the nurse receives ongoing monitoring and support throughout the recovery process.
5. Implement appropriate measures to protect patient safety, including temporarily reassigning the nurse or restricting their practice if necessary.

Nurse managers should also ensure that they maintain accurate documentation of the steps taken to address the chemical dependency issue.

In conclusion, both co-workers and nurse managers have clear obligations under the Nurse Practice Act in Florida if they suspect a nurse has a problem with chemical dependency. Reporting the concern to the Florida Department of Health is mandatory for co-workers, while nurse managers have the additional responsibility of providing support, interventions, and monitoring the nurse’s recovery process.

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