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o, I am again going to discuss using the SIN

 o, I am again going to discuss using the SIN function for calculating  height with two known variables. The length of a shadow cast from a  building and the calculated angle from the top of the building to the  end of the shadow. In this case Length = 70m and 

=  75 deg.

building height-1.png

In Mathcad I can set up my variables so that they can be changed to  whatever values I need and an equation that will automatically calculate  the answer any time I change the variables. In this case, I used SIN  (radians)(length) to calculate the missing dimension and deg(pi/180) to  convert degrees to radians.

mathcad1 for discussion.png

and as shown below, by simply changing the variable inputs it automatically recalculates the answer.

mathcad2 for discussion.png



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