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  One thing that makes rocks different is the amount of


One thing that makes rocks different is the amount of various minerals in the rock. Researchers collected six samples of granite and six of basalt in order to determine whether the amount of cerium in Granite different from the amount in Basalt.

granite <- c(33.63,39.86,69.32,42.13,58.36,74.11)
basalt <- c(26.15,18.56,17.55,9.84,28.29,34.15)

  • Gather the data into one group (1 point)
  • Rank the data regardless of group membership (1 point)
  • Sum the ranks for values in one group (1 point)
  • Use pwilcox function in R to find p-value (3 points)
  • Use wilcox_test in the coin library and compare your result to pwilcox. You will have to get the data into a data frame to use wilcox_test. (3 points)
  • Find a confidence interval for the shift parameter (you can use code for this) (2 points)
  • Interpret the results of both the hypothesis test and the CI. (3 points)
  • Don’t forget your code! (1 point)
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