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or our engagement for RC005 what is an early childhood topic and research problem that you want to explore in

or our engagement for RC005, what is an early childhood topic and research problem that you want to explore in your proposal for this assessment? Very briefly, what are some ideas you have for research questions, methods of data collection, kinds of participants, etc that you would want to include?
Remember, we want a proposal for research, but you are not actually going to be implementing it. That means you have room to be as creative as you want to be for who you might include, the kind of data you would gather, etc. Be sure to take a look at my announcement on the homepage for RC005, titled something like Clarification for RC005 Assessment, which will give you an idea of the expectations. When I hear back from you, Ill mark our engagement as met!

Your assessment here is a written research proposal and a short video presentation. In your paper, be sure that you include an Abstract which is a summary of your proposal – you dont need to include any separate summary. Next begin with an Introduction that should absolutely include, usually as the last sentence, a very clear RESEARCH QUESTION. Your research question is what you want to know as a researcher; for example, What are parent perspectives on inclusive practices in early childhood? Make sure the intro includes an explanation of key terms (ie., what is inclusion?) and a statement of the problem as well (ie., why do we need to be researching this??). Following the intro is a Review of Literature on this topic (ie., what have other researchers found out, what kinds of questions have asked, what kinds of participants have they used, etc). The Methods section is where you get to talk about what YOU would do if you were doing research yourself on this topic. Be very specific with your plan in this section. Here are some key things to address:
Repeat the research question
Identify if this is a qualitative or quantitative design
Identify the kind of sample (participants) you would use and why, including how you would find them and if there might be any challenges or issues (including ethics)
Explain what data collection tools you would use and WHY (e.g. surveys, interviews, etc) and how do they contribute to validity and reliability in your study
Any ethical issues you would need to address (e.g., getting informed consent, getting childrens assent, confidentiality, etc)
Conclude by discussing any possible limitations to your research, benefits, challenges, ideas for future studies, etc.
Make sure your video briefly describes your research idea including the research question and identified problem. You also want to talk about how research on this topic, as youve defined it, can contribute to the field and to positive social change for young children, families, professionals, or whoever.
Look at the rubric before you write and again before you submit. You want to make sure that information literacy is addressed, that is that all of your sources are credible and relevant and that you have clearly reflected upon and synthesized how research findings from your review of the literature add insights to our knowledge base on this topic.
Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
Dr. Parrish

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