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Lesson 1, you examined the nature of coaching as well as some of the theories of psychology you can use as the basis for effective coaching. As part of your review of coaching types, you defined the opportunities that coaching provides from personal and professional perspectives. You further explored how to apply psychological theories to coaching situations to provide the foundational knowledge needed for effective coaching. In this lesson, you will examine the philosophy behind transactional analysis as well as models that describe human developmental stages. The area of transactional analysis provides both a philosophical approach to coaching and methodology that enables effective coaching. You can use the various developmental models as you try to understand where a client might be in terms of level of development in areas such as ethical reasoning and identity. You can then use these models to prepare for coaching sessions. After exploring a number of developmental models and reading about transactional analysis, you will use the coaching session preparation tool to prepare for a coaching session with your hypothetical client. Readings, Resources, and Assignments Required Readings Textbook: Wildflower, L., & Brennan, D. (2011). The handbook of knowledge-based coaching: From theory to practice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Chapter 4: pp. 29-37 Chapter 5: pp. 39-49 Required Assignments Assignment: Coaching Session Preparation Tool Practice (required assignment): Identify and complete one of the coaching applications on pages 35 or 36. Reflect on the usefulness of transactional analysis in this application. Adult Learning & Coaching Research Guide: Your one-stop shop for EDA research. Check Prior Knowledge Complete this activity before you start this lesson. You are not required to submit this activity to your instructor. The activity helps you to check the level of knowledge you bring into this lesson upon which you will build. Think about your personal beliefs about people and their ability to change. Do you believe that people are okay, people strive to do their best, people can change, and people need to accept others? Conversely, do you believe that people come with a lot of baggage, people tend to be lazy and take advantage of others, people resist change, and people need to decide who to accept and who to reject?

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