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  Overview For this Performance Task, you will design, implement, and evaluate  at least 3 learning experiences/lesson plans that are part of an



For this Performance Task, you will design, implement, and evaluate  at least 3 learning experiences/lesson plans that are part of an  integrated unit of study in your field experience setting. When you have  completed your field activities, review the directions on the Field  Experience Verification and Evaluation Form, send it to your Host  Teacher to complete, and submit it along with your assessment.

Professional Skills: Written Communication and  Applied and Collaborative Learning  are assessed in this Competency.

Your response to this Performance Task should reflect the criteria provided in the Rubric and adhere to the required length.

This Assessment requires submission of six files: your Unit Plan  Template, three Learning Experience Plan Templates, your Host Teacher  Evaluation Form, and your Reflection Questions. Save your files as  follows:



Before submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. This  is the same rubric the assessor will use to evaluate your submission and  it provides detailed criteria describing how to achieve or master the  Competency. Many students find that understanding the requirements of  the Assessment and the rubric criteria help them direct their focus and  use their time most productively.

Note: For this  Performance Task Assessment, you are required to draw from not only the  resources for the Topics but also your experiences, observations, and  Host Teacher and other professionals who work in your field setting.  Your conversations with these professionals and your observations in the  setting are essential to the successful completion of the Assessment.  For additionally information, review the  BSECS Field Experience Handbook.

Access the following to complete this Assessment:

Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Meaningful Learning Experiences

For this Competency, you will be working with your Host Teacher as  well as drawing from the resources to design, implement, and evaluate at  least 3 learning experiences that integrate content areas and support  the focus of an integrated Unit. The content areas you will be  integrating are language arts, social studies, math, science, physical  education and health, and the creative arts. You are required to  integrate at least two content areas in each of the learning experiences  you design, and include all of the content areas at least once across  the three experiences you develop. You are also required to collaborate  with your Host Teacher as much as possible and then reflect on each of  the learning experiences afterwards as well as your experience as a  whole.

Aside from those specifics, your goals are to:

  • Build on children’s interests
  • Create developmentally appropriate experiences
  • Engage in meaningful learning with the children

To complete this Performance Task:

  • Meet with your Host Teacher and working as collaboratively as possible:
    • Share the goals and the components of the Assessment
    • Discuss the Unit Plan template, and your Host Teacher’s experiences  with integrated learning and unit planning. Begin to formulate the focus  of your unit based on children’s interests and goals of the classroom.
    • Review and discuss the Learning Experience Template. Ask for your  Host Teacher’s help and input in deciding on and designing learning  experiences that integrate content areas, provide child-centered,  developmentally appropriate experiences, and support the focus of the  unit
    • Make a timeline together for checking in with your Host Teacher on  the development of your learning experiences and when you are going to  be implementing them with the children
  • Complete the Unit Plan Template:
    • Explain why you chose the focus of the Unit and the ways it builds  on children’s interests and supports the goals of the classroom
    • Explain the structure of the unit, i.e., how you plan to integrate  at least two content areas in each of the 3 learning experiences and  ensure that you are including each of the six content areas at least  once
  • Complete at least 3 Learning Experience Templates:
    • Design at least 3 integrated learning experiences
    • Implement your learning experiences in your field experience setting
  • Review the directions on the Field Experience Verification and  Evaluation Form, complete Section I and send it to your Host Teacher to  complete the remaining sections. Submit the completed from with your  assessment.
  • Complete the Reflection Questions:
    • Review the Reflection section of each of the Learning Experiences
    • Evaluate your experience of designing and implementing integrated  learning experiences with young children by completing the Reflection  Questions

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