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Paper Requirements: 1000 WORDS For my topic I plan to discuss search and seizure and how the 4th amendment

Paper Requirements: 1000 WORDS
For my topic I plan to discuss search and seizure, and how the 4th amendment is included in the process.
The assignments shall require that you conduct a more detailed analysis of a subject area than what is covered in our text. The assignments must be original work conducted by the student. Plagiarism or abuse of research will not be tolerated and shall result in reporting to the university and a failing grade. Guidelines for acceptable research methods are noted in the rules and regulations of Indiana Tech. Three topical papers will be assigned during the course and shall be graded in accordance with the guideline for the assignment. The topical paper is worth 200 points.
The class projects are designed to aid you in critically thinking about a variety of criminal justice topics and to get you engaged in the problem-solving process. They will be utilized in class to stimulate discussion and to prompt any questions you may have about the criminal justice system. The class projects are to be word-processed, size 12 font, double spaced with one-inch margins around the page (default), using the Times New Roman letter style. Your responses should be thorough and scholarly. Avoid jargon and street language as you are completing each of the responses to these questions. For instance, cop is generally unacceptable, police officer is preferred. A person may be mentally ill or legally insane, not nuts.
Papers shall be written in the APA style and be 1000+ words in length. They shall reference the text formally at least four times. A word count shall be included at the end of the paper and a reference section will also be included by the student.
Remember this is not a book report. This is a written analysis and critical review of an assigned topic. Papers must be typed in paragraph form. Address topics in paragraph form and do not use a bulleted or numbered list.
Use the following link to The Owl at Purdue University for the proper use of the APA format:
Points breakdown: 200 points total per paper
Grammar/spelling/references/completeness: 50 points
Correct grammar/spelling, proper format, and proper citing of sources throughout the paper.
Idea Development and Clarity of Information: 50 points
Information presented is clear and insightful
Ideas should be in-depth and complex
Completeness of Information: 50 points
All required information is included
The information is developed in-depth
Application of Course Principles: 50 points
There should be an in-depth integration of course principles

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