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Part 1: 2 pages The clinical repercussions of the disease state are described in detail may cover the connection between

Part 1: 2 pages; The clinical repercussions of the disease state are described in detail, may cover the connection between the pathophysiology and impact on other systems, could include demographics of disease state, or impact of disease in quality of life (most open section of project). Well organized, hierarchy sections, highlighted key points, defined terms, etc., your audience is a fellow BME student (write at the level as if an undergraduate bachelors of Biomedical engineering is reading the paper. Sub categories will help again, best resource for this one is not FEHER but rather or a hospital meta-study paper.
Part 2: 2 pages; Current therapeutic interventions (the SOLUTION) to target disease state, may cover pharmacological, surgical, radiological, holistic, or synergistic therapies. In contrast, the most currently used therapy may be described in detail linking back to its effect on the path/normal physiology. Relevant side effects, repercussions in varying demographics should also be described. You will NOT LOSE points if you go into something more specific, if you try to COVER EVERYTHING, you’ll definitely lose points (so if you picked a disease condition that has ~10+ different sub-disease states, just pick 1 or 2 to talk about in depth).
Organization example part 3: (I’d be writing maybe 3 paragraphs on each, this keeps me organized when I write)
References: In text citations like this [1], make sure they are within 5 years old, can have both MD/PHD authors
At the end of the document:
[14] (start with next reference number from what you had in the first part (use the same format you used in part 1)
Figures can be included but must be after all the text and referenced in the paragraph.
Style: type 11 calibri just like this document, single spaced, with the margins at .75” all around.

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