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Part 2 Complete Tabs 4–6 of the Comprehensive Assessment Binder.


Part 2

Complete Tabs 4–6 of the Comprehensive Assessment Binder.

Present the following information for each type of assessment in graphic organizer form:

· Description of the assessment

· Purpose or when appropriate to use

· Strengths and weaknesses

· Strategies for accommodating and modifying for diverse learners

· Strategy for providing effective timely feedback

Provide at least two examples of each assessment.

Generate a list of links to websites where additional information may be obtained on each type of assessment.

Create the final tab (#7) as a reference page with all resources listed using APA formatting.

Set your learning team’s LiveBinder’s access to public and share it with your instructor by copying and pasting your binder’s link into a Microsoft® Word document and submitting the document as your assignment.

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