Part IV: Data Collection Procedures Measurement ToolsInstruments Describe ALL methods to collect data in detail i.e. interview survey observationetc.

Part IV: Data Collection Procedures & Measurement Tools/Instruments
· Describe ALL methods to collect data in detail (i.e. interview, survey, observation……etc.)
· Describe each measurement tool/instrument used to measure/assess outcomes in the study in detail.
Part V: Results/Findings
Participant Characteristics/Sociodemographic Findings
· Describe participant characteristics or sociodemographic status
· Must be objective, descriptive, and comprehensive
· Must describe the findings of Tables/Figures to provide comprehensive information about participant characteristics as article provided.
Study Results/Findings
· Describe ALL Other Results/Findings besides above participant characteristics in detail.
§ Each result item must include Headings/Subheadings as the article provided.
§ Must describe the findings of Tables and Figures as the article provided.
§ Do NOT simply saying “pain level was decreased,” “adherence was increased”…etc
§ Do NOT include contents from Discussion and/or Conclusion in the article.
Part VI
Synthesis of Findings
· Describe the Rationale/Mechanism for how/why Finding of each intervention/factor helps your Research Question (i.e. how/what mechanism does music therapy help pain, how does sucking stimulation increase oral intake for pre-term infants, or how each identified factor decrease quality of life….etc)
· Should NOT repeat same contents you had on Findings section and/or article
· May include citations from the analyzed article or from other sources for above described rationale/mechanism (i.e. textbooks, CDC…etc)
Nursing Implications
· How the nurses can implement the research findings into nursing practice?

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