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Patients refusing the treatment.

If you will become a doctor, you will face many difficult situations. For example, you can have patients that refuse the treatment, even though this might end their life. Do you think that a doctor should have the right to force a patient to accept the treatment? Format requirements for your essay: -12 pt font, Times New Roman -Double-spaced, 1” margin -200-250 words, can be more -Must include a cover sheet, reference page, numbered pages writing about 2 “good” ideas and 2 “bad” Pros: Positive 1.Yes, because doctors can help patients overcome their fears and make the best decision for their health. 2. Yes, because doctors can save a patient’s life. Cons: Negative 1.No, because doctors need to accept the patient’s decision, no matter how much they may disagree. 2.No, because doctors can’t force patients to do treatments. It is the right of every individual to choose what will be done to their own body. Essay Outline: Essay Writing Rubric: ttps:// Links:

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