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Personal / Family Safety program


Based on information presented and discussed in weeks 1 to 3 (Chapters 1 – 5), write a two/three page paper on your thoughts of a personal/family safety program. I’m not looking for a long detailed safety program. Rather, you are to relate safety program concepts discussed in the class toward the development of a personal/family safety program. I’m primarily looking for understanding of the main concepts presented in class as you relate them to a personal/family safety program. Formatting is not that important but presenting information in a logical sequence is important. Some thoughts: Chapter 1 – discusses data You might find data related to your personal/family safety program, be sure to consider your hobbies, lifestyle, etc. Chapter 2 – standards and regulations What standards and regulations, if any, relate to your personal/family safety program? Chapter 3 – risk management You might want to: Include a short list of risks you identified Evaluate your risks using frequency and severity Identify control measure for a few of your risks Chapter 4 – safety program development You might want to develop a goal or two and include a few objectives. These are just a few ideas. Just wanted to provide examples of how to relate your personal/family safety program to safety program concepts discussed in the class. Don’t hesitate to contact me if anything does not make sense or if you have any questions. PLEASE use the Book “Occupational Safety and Health in Emergency Service” Chapters 1-5. -Understanding of course material. -Understanding concepts. -Should include concepts from each chapter. -Sources from the book. 

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Assignment Outline