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personal Reflection: Your Crisis Interventionist Identity

Instructions: Consider the effects that traumatic experiences have had in your own life. Based on your experiences and all that you have learned in this course to this point, submit a personal reflection discussion post addressing what you have or could learn from exposure to trauma and crisis in your life. Pay particular attention to how this knowledge and experience can benefit you as a human service professional in crisis intervention and prevention. Use the following prompts to structure your submission: 1. What was the event and how was it a crisis? 2. What coping skills were used? 3. What resources were available? 4. What did you learn from this experience? 5. How might this experience influence your work as a human service professional? 6. Considering the characteristics of effective crisis professionals discussed in the James and Gilliland text (pgs. 23-24), what crisis interventionist characteristics do you currently possess, and what characteristics would you still need to develop? If you do not wish to address a specific crisis or trauma or if you have never experienced such a crisis, approach the assignment based on what you know about yourself (e.g. What would be your ways of coping if faced with a crisis? What resources might you have to help you deal with a crisis?). Please note that this assignment will be a private submission only reviewed by your instructor, but not visible to other students.

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Assignment Outline