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Persuasive Speech Outline (Against Death Penalty)

 This week, you will choose how you will organize your persuasive speech (Against Death Penalty) and develop an outline for it. The main choices for organizing your speech are generally chronological order, problem-solution order, and topical order. Outline your speech using the organization that best fits your topic. Include the following in your outline: The introduction should include: A creative and effective attention-getter or hook. A statement relating the topic to yourself and your audience. The overarching idea of your speech and a preview of your main points. The body of the speech should be broken into 3–4 logical main points that support the overall theme, topic, and purpose. This speech should effectively persuade your audience members to change their opinions or follow through on an action related to a policy, fact, or value. Use your evidence wisely (e.g., examples, statistics, testimony, and stories), cite all sources, and utilize vivid language. Your conclusion should highlight your overarching idea and main points and leave an impression. You may outline your speech using a topic outline or a sentence outline. It is your choice. Be sure to show that you have a clear introduction, a body with 3–4 main ideas or concepts, and a conclusion. You must include a complete APA Style reference list with your outline with at least 3 academic sources.

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