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Physical network design

Examine the production and distribution networks of FFF and DDD and prepare a report detailing your proposals for changes to the network in the short and long term and the potential savings achievable. You do not need to submit your Excel model – a summary of your results should be included in the report. Your report should be no more than 2000 words (excluding references and appendices) Your report should include: a) An analysis of the current distribution networks for FFF and DDD including: a. The total cost for the FFF and DDD operations – including a brief description of the model set up and a presentation of the calculated costs.  b. A map of the current distribution networks c. A brief analysis of the current situation – including identification of the dominating cost, a discussion of the root causes of the calculated costs and graphs  b) A proposal for how you would combine the distribution networks of the two companies in the short term (1 – 2yrs) including details of the changes you would make. Your proposal should include: a. An estimate of the savings you expect to be achieved. (10 Marks) b. A discussion and justification of the reasons for your proposed changes. (Note: In this timescale it will not be possible to acquire and open new facilities or reconfigure manufacturing plants, but facilities may be closed if required). c) A proposal for how the network could be modified in the longer term – you should include logical reasons and justification for your ideas and an estimate of the savings that could be achieved. d) A map of either your long or short term proposal. (5 Marks) Marks will be awarded to each section according to the marks in brackets 

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