physical symptoms displayed.

68. Specified government efforts for health insurance have resulted in

a. decreasing the amount that Medicare covers for prescription medications.

b. decreasing the percentage of uninsured children under age 18.

c. increasing coverage for prenatal and well-baby care.

d. increasing the percentage of uninsured children under age 18.

69. Technology and scientific advances in health care have resulted in more conditions being treated than in previous decades. The most expensive costs for care are for which conditions?

a. Cardiac disease

b. Conditions resulting in transplantation

c. Diabetes care

d. Pulmonary disease

70. In the early part of the twentieth century, health care efforts focused on controlling infectious diseases and improving

a. maternal and child health.

b. the requirements of the medical profession.

c. chronic diseases.

d. health care costs.

71. The United State relies heavily on guest worker/migrant labor for its agriculture industry. Health care can be offered for this population but faces a potential barrier of

a. language.

b. access.

c. racism.

d. homelessness.

72. What differentiates CULTURALCARE from modern medical care in philosophy is that

a. sufficient money, technology and science are used to cure or remedy.

b. premature death must be avoided.

c. holistic care is predicated on cultural health traditions and needs.

d. disease and injury are avoided through health promotion and maintenance.

73. HEALTH for American Indians has a basis in the

a. curing of those conditions that affect the spirit.

b. respecting of others’ beliefs in healing traditions.

c. harmony between nature and the ability to survive.

d. optimism that life creates positive forces.

74. Evil spirits are associated with illness by the

a. Sioux.

b. Cherokee.

c. Passamaquoddy.

d. Hopi.

75. In determining the cause for illness, medicine men and women look for the

a. dietary practices of the person being seen.

b. past medical history as a determinant.

c. spiritual cause of the problem of the person seen.

d. physical symptoms displayed.


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