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Pick one question and answer it in 300 to 400

Pick one question and answer it in 300 to 400 words.

  • Include at least 1 quote from the text as evidence to support your response.
  • You can write in 1st or 3rd person.
  • Focus on how and why you came to your answer.
  • This is close and detailed analysis. What sections of the story supports your answer?

Questions 1 -3 are from The Iliad and Questions 4 – 6 are from Oedipus. 

1. Discuss the role that the gods play in the battle for Troy.

2. Based on the epic, what role do women play in Greek society?

3. What are the purposes of ransom and war-prizes in The Iliad?

4. In the opening scene of the play, Oedipus learns that to cure his city (Thebes) of its troubles, he must avenge the murder of the city’s previous king, Laius. Describe Oedipus as a king and leader at this point in the play. Use specific examples of Oedipus’ actions to support your answer.

5. Discuss the theme of sight versus blindness in the play. Note at least two specific examples.

6. Is there any opportunity for the exercise of free will in the play? Why or why not?

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