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Plastic pollution and possible solution is plastic recycling


However, Week 1 half page problem statement. This is a multiple weeks project management plan and research topic, and professional application/report writing. There are several major deadlines and from week 4 – 12, need to submit weekly progress report (no more than one page, instructor has provided the template what needed to be included). I will be working closely with you. If you can finish the works early, then it will leave us time to revise and ask for instructor’s feedback to improve. My topic is related to plastic pollution and possible solution is plastic recycling. The business plan/proposal is to provide a solution is to build a plant (facility) in a foreign country such as Phillipines (not in China as the gov there banned the practice). We will request for land, equipment, local cheaper labor (than the ones in the United States).

The facility can be powered by solar so it allows 24 hours operation. We may cooperate with national university to do R&D work on biodegradable plastic. I will try to conduct the research using my library and provide you with sources. You will do the literature review and you can find other scholarly/academic sources. I have included the course syllabus, template for weekly reports, schedule of semester deadlines. Let’s start working on week 1 assignment.- problem statement. In the previous course (591b), the other instructor has provided what should be included in problem/opportunity statement and project management plan. I will attach the previous papers so you have an idea what to write. I will continue to add resources (articles, book chapters, industry reports) for each section as we move along. 591D – Please review LIM591D syllabus for details. There are several deliverables: Project Plan 20% Weekly written reports to the instructor with subsequent feedback 20% Final Paper 40% PechaKucha presentation 10% Summary and self-assessment 10% Due date and timeline Topic and problem statement Week 1: August 28-September 3 Project Plan. Begin Literature Review. Optional consultation with instructor. Week 2: September 4- September 10 Draft Outline of Paper/Project Week 3: September 11-September 17 Weekly written e-mail status reports to the instructor with subsequent dialogue. You cannot pass this course without submitting satisfactory weekly reports. Weeks 4 to Week 8: September 18-

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