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Please answer below in word limit of 500 by watching

Please answer below in word limit of 500 by watching the below videos.
And also have to reply to 3 classmate posts in 150 word limit each(please see the attached document for 3 classmate posts)


Cash Budget

Close to 50% of the typical industrial and retail firm’s assets are held as working capital. Many newly minted college graduates work in positions that focus on working capital management, particularly in small businesses in which most new jobs are created in today’s economy. 
To prepare for this Discussion: Shared Practice, select two of the following components of working capital management: the cash conversion cycle, the cash budget, inventory management, and credit policies. Think about scenarios in which your selected topics were important for informing decision-making. Be sure to review the video links above and conduct additional research using academically reviewed materials, and your professional experience on working capital concepts to help develop your scenarios. Support your discussion with appropriate examples including numerical examples as necessary.

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