Please complete by Saturday 5302020 noon. I need 12 to 15 pages. At least 10 references. Research Develop a detailed

Please complete by Saturday 5/30/2020 noon.
I need 12 to 15 pages. At least 10 references.
Develop a detailed research proposal based on an issue within counseling, counselor education, or counseling supervision. Please complete research on “The
impact of living through and working in
trauma based care services”.
The proposal should begin with an introduction to the research problem that includes a brief summary of relevant literature. Include a discussion of how this research problem relates to CACREP standards and counselor identity, as well as multicultural and social justice issues related to this topic.
As part of this research proposal, clearly outline the justification for conducting either a qualitative or quantitative study on this topic.
Identify your research question(s) and hypotheses, and discuss your sampling. Finally, describe the methods and procedure with enough detail that the reader could theoretically carry out your study.
Describe the methodology using Narrative and Phenomenology.
Include population sampling.
5. Sampling:
Describe the characteristics of the population you will study.
Identify sampling unit (individuals, couples, families, groups, organizations, etc)
Identify sampling procedures:
What strategies for sampling will you use?
How will this strategy assist you in your research?
1. ________________________________ for ____________________________

(method of sampling)

2. ________________________________ for ____________________________

(method of sampling)

3. ________________________________ for ____________________________

(method of sampling)

6. Ethics:
What threats does your study pose for participants?
How will you minimize these threats?
Data Analysis Procedures:
What techniques will you use to analyze the data?
Data Reduction:


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