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 Please read the assignment content carefully  Assignment Content Research technology-based resources that

 Please read the assignment content carefully 

Assignment Content

  1. Research technology-based resources that support math instruction.

    Select 6 technology-based resources appropriate for pre-K through Grade 3 classrooms. At least one of these resources must reinforce problem-solving skills.

    Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation on your team’s selected technology resources.

    Include the following in your presentation:

    • Title of each resource
    • Site address or URL for each resource
    • Grade level that is appropriate for the use of each resource
    • How each resource might be used to reinforce mathematics skills
    • Appropriate use of each resource for diverse learners
    • Benefits and limitations of each resource
    • How educators can advocate, model, and teach the responsible and ethical use of technology to their students
    • A list of references used to create the presentation
    • Speaker notes
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Assignment Outline