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 Please see details of the assignment in the attachment.  Teachers certification course

 Please see details of the assignment in the attachment. 

Teachers certification course

SS13 Qualities of Effective Teachers

Objective: After reviewing effective educators’ qualities, the learner will self-reflect to assess their strengths and weaknesses for personal growth.  

Now that you have stepped through some foundational strategies that will play a key role in lesson the planning and delivery process, let’s take some time to reflect on effective teachers’ characteristics, as identified in the research.  


In the next course, Instructional Design and Planning, you will step through a process to create a thorough lesson plan.  Take a few minutes to reflect on what the research says about effective teachers and instruction. 


Qualities of Effective Educators – The Effective Teacher implements instruction that…

The Effective Teacher facilitates the classroom like a symphony conductor who brings out each musician’s best performance to make a beautiful sound. Implementing instruction is like the opening night at the theater where all the behind-the-scenes work is hidden, and the audience hears only the magic.


Communicates clearly to engage students

Provides a variety of methods for learning: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic

Implements changes as suggested by peers & admin.  

Keeps students engaged and interested in learning

Provides a variety of feedback

Is responsive to situations and students’ needs 

Has lesson plans that are learner-centered

Incorporates higher order thinking questions for deeper learning   

Facilitates learning with best practices 

Incorporates technology to facilitate instruction


Stronge, J. (2018). Qualities of Effective Educators.  Alexandria, VA: ASCD. adapted from: 19 Tex. Admin. Code § 149.1001 (2014).



Select two of these qualities that you feel totally comfortable implementing in your classroom and two of these qualities that you know you will need to intentionally practice to master the skill.  

On your GO TO Page, Fill in your Glows and Grows in the “The Effective Teacher implements effective instruction…”  section.  Save the document to your Canvas Tool Box Folder

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