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Please work off the paper attached. This should reflect graduate-level

 Please work off the paper attached. 

This should reflect graduate-level writing and research, in APA style format. As you turn in your polished paper, be sure that you have citations throughout the paper that are synthesized into a well organized and cohesive document.

  • Include a title for your Final Individual Project Paper.
  • You will research, write, and submit your Final Individual Project Paper on a topic related to venture capital and private markets. This paper will include at least 10 peer-reviewed sources and be APA formatted.
  • It must be a minimum of 11 pages, maximum of 15 pages in length, use 12-point font, and double spaced.
  • It must include the following.
    • Cover page
    • Abstract page—a brief one page summary of your findings
    • Table of contents
    • Table of charts, graphs, and tables (if appropriate when charts, graphs, and tables are used within the paper)
    • Introduction—use a header in your paper
    • Body of the report (literature review)
    • Summary or conclusion
    • Works cited
    • Appendix (if appropriate)
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Assignment Outline