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Plume rise in atmospheric dispersion screening models AERMOD and AERSCREEN


Prerequisite for writer: it helps to have a background in fluid mechanics. Knowledge of atmosphere physics also helps Here are links on AERMOD and AERSCREEN. You can include in references if you wish, just have at least three. You will likely need more.: White paper with these sections: The abstract, problem statement, background, solution, and conclusion (and references). 12-point font. It needs to be structured like there is a problem and a solution has been found. Problem Statement: 2-3 sentences. Say that AERMOD has lacked a screening model and why that is a problem (you, the writer, must rationalize why it was a problem. A screening model known as AERSCREEN was developed for AERMOD for a reason and you’ll have to research that reason). Background: Talk about the history of AERMOD and what it is used for, then look at a particular component of it: how it determines plume rise through convective boundary layer analysis and stable boundary layer analysis (I have two pages from my textbook that may help with this. They have the equations. How can I send you, the writer, pictures of these two pages?) Discuss why a screening model may be useful for AERMOD, particularly regarding the determination of plume rise. Solution: Now talk about how AERSCREEN, why it was created, how it is useful. Then talk about how it determines plume rise. Does it also have convective boundary layer analysis and/or stable boundary layer analysis? Compare and contrast AERMOD and AERSCREEN and how they determine plume rise. Look at differences in the convective boundary layer equation and the stable boundary layer equation, assuming AERSCREEN has equations (if AERSCREEN doesn’t, say why that might be. ). Remember, you want to frame AERSCREEN as the solution to the problem. AERSCREEN solves the need for a screening model, but you have to determine why a screening model is needed in the first place in the Background portion of the paper. Do not mention AERSCREEN in the Background section or Problem Statement section. Conclusion = short and to the point. 2-3 sentences. Just say screening models are useful for reasons x, y, and z. They will continue to be useful and more will be developed for the unforeseen future because they may be helpful for pollutant regulators, etc. 

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