Policies and Social Problems Why is it important for social workers to understand policy When you think of policies you

Policies and Social Problems
Why is it important for social workers to understand policy? When you think of policies, you may tend to think of the federal policies that support services such as Medicare and state policies that support education and welfare services. However, sometimes the policies that have the greatest impact on clients are the policies of agencies and organizations.
Note: An agency or organizational policy is a policy. For example, it might be part of a county welfare agency that requires an administrator at a juvenile correction facility to report any individual that is an illegal immigrant that comes to that facility.
In this Discussion, you will identify a policy at an agency or organization. It can be a public agency, a for-profit human service provider, or a not-for-profit community agency. Describe the organization, the policy, and the social problem it addresses. 500 words
Be sure to support your post with specific references to this weeks resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your references.
One reference
Jansson, B. S. (2018). Becoming an effective policy advocate: From policy practice to social justice. (8th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning Series.
2, Articulating Four Rationales for Participating in Policy
Advocacy (pp. 31-69)
3, Obtaining Skills and Competencies for Policy Advocacy (pp.

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