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Pregnant women have increased requirements for calories and

  • Pregnant women have increased requirements for calories and for most nutrients. Some nutrients are more important than others.
  • What are 2-3 of the most important vitamins and minerals needed during the pregnancy stage?
  • Why are these specific nutrients needed?
  • What health issues can these nutrients prevent?
  • The nutritional status and health of many American children and adolescents has been declining in recent years.
  • Explain some of the reasons for this nutritional decline in children and teens?
  • What are some health issues that are occurring in children and teens that once were only seen in adults and considered adult diseases?
  • What are some important vitamins and minerals that children and teens need and why?
  • What steps can parents take to improve the nutritional status and health of children and adolescents and reverse this trend? 

175 words!!!!!

this class is elements of health & wellness!!!!

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