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Prepare the informative full-speech outline. (Please view the sample outline  attached here

Prepare the informative full-speech outline. (Please view the sample outline 

attached here

 Download attached here

 Download attached here
 for more guidance.)  The outline should have enough content to deliver a 5-7 minute informative speech. The outline should include the following:

Specific Purpose

Central Idea(aka Thesis Statement or Preview Statement)

Introduction– capture attention, establish YOUR speaker credibility, preview the speech.

Body– key points (minimum of 3), transitions between main points, supporting materials from at least three (3) sources, including in-text references to the sources.

Conclusion – signal the end, summarize main points, bring finality

Researched supporting material references(minimum 3) – include a References list at the end of your outline formatted to meet APA style requirements.

Identification of a presentation aid (visual)

Remember to include APA7 Style References in your outline.

Estimated time to complete:  2 hours

This topic is valued at 40 points. 

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